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Bumble - One of our previous Border Terrier puppies at 1 Year Old -

Why are Border Terriers so loveable?

Alert, lively and mild-mannered Border Terriers got their name from the fact they hail from the border between Scotland and England. 'Borders' are recognised as being good tempered, affectionate, obedient, and easily trained.

They were originally used as farm dogs helping to flush out foxes and other game. In the field, Borders are hard as nails, game for the hunt and driving in their attack.

Border Terriers also made good guard dogs and would be posted around the farms, however, their brilliant temperament soon ensured that they were brought into the home. As a companion dog for the whole family, Border Terriers are brilliant.

Training a Border Terrier?

All dogs - as well as their owners - need training. Establish the behavourial boundry well within the 1st year and you can look forward to another 14 years or so of affectionate companionship. Remember your Border could live to be 15. It will do you both good to get it right early.

Are Border Terriers easy to keep?

Like all things you get out what you put in. Borders like attention and will strive to get yours and get bored when left alone for long periods. Being short haired grooming is simple, a good brush and tidy up once a week should keep your Border looking smart. They do shed hair - ignore other advice which says they don't - but with a good vacuum it is easy to clean up after them unlike some of the longer haired breeds.

Do Border Terriers need a lot of space and exercise?

Borders are suited to the smaller gardens and houses of today. During the night we place our Borders into their own dog cage. Dogs like to know where they belong just like us humans and they soon associate their sleeping quarters as being a secure place for them. During the day they use the garden, the house, or a secure run, remembering always to let the Border know and feel that they apart of the family unit. As for exercise they need to get out for a good nose around and if you are too lazy to take them for a walk then it is possible that the Border will take them selves off pronto. The trick to all dog ownership is to keep your companion interested (same can be said of us humans too!).

Feeding a Border Terrier?

Like all things the amount of food given will in the end depend upon the human doing the feeding. Borders should not be allowed to become fat and sluggish. As with most dogs the more food you give the more they will want. Borders can exist quite happily and be in good health if fed a mug-full of propriety food - such as Royal Canin - a day. We do not give our dogs large quantities of fresh meat or tinned food. They do get the odd piece of raw chicken and treats but these are not necessary for maintaining a healthy dog. We find that Royal Canin contains everything they need to keep them fit and healthy. Throughout a dogs life, starting at 4 weeks and going throught to 'senior' we use a Royal Canin formulation.

To read some 'technical' blurb and view the Border Terrier Breed Standard click here (external link - please use your back button to return here)

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